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Restaurant Maydanoz Restaurant Maydanoz Amsterdam Maydanoz Amsterdam Turks Restaurant Amsterdam


Cold appetizers

1. Walnut salad Ground walnuts and bread with sesame paste Turkish pepper paste, olive oil and organic pomegranate sauce € 6,70
2.Babaganuc Pureed aubergine grilled on charcoal, tomatoes, Turkish green peppers, fresh mint, garlic,and olive oil with an organic pomegranate dressing. € 6,50
3.Humus Chickpeapureewithsesamepaste,cumin,oliveoil,garlic,organic,pomegranate dressin € 6,50
4.Greek salad Salad with rucola, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and feta cheese with and olive oil lemon dressing,organic pomegranate dressing € 6,70
5.Cacik Finely sliced cucumber with a yoghurt-garlic sauce, mint and fresh dill. € 6,00
6.Maydanoz Saksuka Aubirgine fried Pastry with Turkish pepper, paprika, garlic and tomato sauce served with cacik € 6,50
7.Tabouli Salad Finely ground wheat dill, parsley, mint, tomato, spring onion, pomegranate, olive oil and organic pomegranate dressing € 6,30
11.Mix mezze(surprise of the cook)(2persons) Surprise of the cook for two people 3dishes for cold mix and hot mix 3 starters 35,00

Hot appetizers

1.Maydonoz Kalamar Charcoal-grilled marinated calamari, served with walnuts and thyme € 7,50
2.Sigara boregi Deep fried puff pastry stuffed with feta cheese and parsley. € 6,40
3.Karides guvec Oven dish with shrimp and season’s vegetables. € 7,00
4.Maydanoz Sigara boregi Gertrude pastry filled with potato leek, onion, tomato and dill. € 6,40
5.Icli Kofte a dish made of burghul minced onions and ground red meat, served with cacik € 6,40
6.Maydanoz Balli Keci Peyniri Oven-baked goat cheese Served with honey and walnuts. € 7,00
7.Domatesli Mantar dolmasi Stuffed mushrooms with pesto, dried tomatoes, spring onions and grated Parmesan € 6,80
8.Maydanoz Peynirli Mantar dolmasi Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese,blue cheese,raisins and dill from the oven € 6,80
9.Ispanak Sautéed spinach with onions, peppers, Turkish pepper, tomato, olive oil € 5,80
10.Midye Fried mussels with tomato and Turkish pepper, parsley. € 6,50
11.Kofte Char-grilled minced lamb with cumin, egg and garlic served with cacik € 6,50


1.Lentil soup Red lentil soup. € 5,50
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