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Wine List

House Wine

1.Glass of Wine € 3,40
2.Wine Carafe € 12,50
3.Wine Bottle € 16,50

White Wines

Cankaya wine is one of the favorite white wines from Turkey. The wine is mad from Emir grape Narince and Sultana.
An elegant and harmonious white wine.
€ 19,50
This wine is a blending or Narince, the Emir and Semillon grape,(an original Turkish grape) Which yields a wine with a Distinctive Lively bouquet. The taste evokes associations with melon, pear and a hint of lemon.
€ 28,50
3.Ancyra Narince
Grape: Narince
Colour: Bright goldish yellow
Aroma: Linden, white flowers, citrus fruits
Flavour: Lively, well-balanced, rich flavoured and long
€ 27,50
4.Ancyra Muscat
Grape: Muscat Ottonel
Colour: Bright lemon
Aroma: Bergamot, jasmine
Flavour: Elegant, lively, round and balanced
€ 28,00
5.Vin-Art Narince&Chardonnay
Grape: Narince, Chardonnay
Colour: Bright, goldish yellow
Aroma: Pronounced citrus fruits, white fruits and linden followed by caramel and vanilla
Flavour: Rich and long lasting flavours, oily, balanced and elegant fermented and matured in French oak barrels.
€ 34,50
6. Rose Lal
A favorite of the wine grape native Turkish Clakarasi. The vineyards are Planted in the Aegean Sea. The color of this elegant pink salmon pink, the taste fresh,fruity and rich with aromas of strawberry and peach.
€ 20,00

Red Wines

Yakut is a popular Turkish red wine. It is made of several indigenous grapes: öküzgözü, Bogazkere, Carignan and Alicante.
The color is bright red, the flavor intense and complex with notes of red fruit.
€ 19,50
2.Vin-Art Kalecik Karasi
The grape Kalecik Karasi is a tasteful grape in a blend with the world famous Grape Syrah a delicious spicy and rich ruby red wine offers. The blending has an elegant fruity aroma, while taste is reminiscent of dark fruit (blackberries). The spiciness betrays the presence of Syrah Ancyra.
€ 29,00
3.CabernetSauvignon Syrah
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon syrah
Colour: Bright deep ruby
Aroma: Rich with black forest fruits, bell pepper and spice aromas
Flavour: Concentrated, balanced with soft tannins, pronounced with long lasting flavours and long length
€ 26,00
4.Ancyra Kalecik Karasi
Ancyra Kalecik Karası is well balanced and round red wine with elegant red fruits aromas of the grape.Pronounced, fresh red fruits showing red cherry, raspberry aromas and a hint of spiciness Lively with intense fresh red fruit flavours, well balanced, delicious and long.
€ 26,50
5.Ancyra Öküzgözü
Grape: Öküzgözü
Colour: Bright and lively ruby
Aroma: Pronounced with fresh red fruits, showing red cherry and strawberry aromas
Flavour: Concentrated, balanced with soft tannins, delicious and long
€ 26,50
This wine is a wonderful blending of three grape varieties, the Bogazkere, Gamay and Cinsault. The wine has excellent balance and a flavor reminiscent of blackberries, while the scent associations with toast.
€ 27,50
Pendore Boğazkere 2009 is a fine-textured terroir wine with intense black fruit and spice aromas with strong ripe tannins that become pronounced on the palate. Complex with intense black fruits, dried red fruits, fig, spice and animal notes Concentrated, full-bodied, rich, well-integrated ripe tannins and long.
€ 40,00
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